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EU Centre at NSYSU

Background Information

The European Union Centre at NSYSU was established in 2009 and is one member of the Seven-university European Commission consortium in Taiwan. The EU Centre is affiliated to the Office of the International Affairs of NSYSU. The EU Centre at NSYSU as a prominent role of spreading EU content in southern Taiwan which dedicates in promoting activities which enhance the understanding of the European Union in the perspectives of education, academics, business, art, culture, and civil society. 



For past few years, the EU Centre at NSYSU had held over 25 events and activities with over 23,414 global citizens and 113 institutions participated. The key events and activities under Taiwan-Europe Cultural Exchange and Community Service Scholarship Project (TCECSSP) included 1), EU Teaching Project 2) EU Networking Alumni, 3) Nationwide EU Summer, and 4) International Cultural Festival. These activities engaged not only the primary and university students, but also the faculty from varied institutes and the civil publics who generously gave positive feedbacks to the events ever hold under the EU Centre at NSYSU. The EU Centre at NSYSU have been improving the management of activities and the result showed a significant growth on the members participating in TCECSSP since 2011(200) to 2016(2021). The EU Centre at NSYSU was also honoured by the Ministry of Culture (MOC) and French Academy and received the 20th French-Taiwanese Cultural Foundation Award by constantly making efforts in creating bonds between EU and Taiwan.

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