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HEY TEACHER! [Recruiting] Taiwan-Europe Cultural Exchange and Community Service Scholarship 2016


2016 [NSYSU EU Centre] Taiwan-Europe Cultural Exchange and

Community Service Scholarship Program




 I. Introduction

The National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) European Union (EU) centre is affiliated with the Office of International Affairs (OIA) in NSYSU, which is also one of the members in European Union Centre in Taiwan (EUTW). The NSYSU EU centre cooperates with other EUTW universities to introduce EU. The centre also works together to provide extensive information of EU to the faculty members and students in NSYSU.


II. Program introduction

This program provides free training courses for recruited NSYSU students (from EU countries, Taiwan, and other international countries) to deliver EU related lessons in elementary and secondary schools in Taiwan. The purpose is to expand Taiwanese teenagers’ international perspectives; also to enhance their understanding of countries in EU by having interesting courses about European cultures. The scale of the program also expands year by year. It started with 200 Taiwanese students to 2776 students in 2014. 

This program provides the opportunity for NSYSU students to have face-to-face interaction with Taiwanese children in elementary and secondary schools. NSYSU students also developed their abilities in many aspects such as project organizing, problem solving, teaching and communicating throughout the whole program. Scholarship awards also provided for well-performed NSYSU students (see below for more info.).It is also a great experience for the European students to better understand the educational environment in Taiwan. Intangible benefits also include the growth of international friendship between all parties.


III. Organizers

European Centre at National Sun Yat-sen University





IV. Program Content

Recruited students take free training courses and submit homework in groups. The EU Center will evaluate performances of each group and select top 10 groups to present self-designed lessons (be interesting and creative) in elementary and secondary schools located in Kaohsiung city. Lessons Courses will be conducted in English, and include topics related to:

(A) Get to know Europa (the European Union):

The introduction of the development and origins of the European Union. In addition, describe the current status of the European Union, elaborate on current affairs. Lead the students to learn about the EU from different aspects.

(B) Present featured cultural topics from home countries of the EU:

Lessons featured with culture-related topics such as: “School life in EU countries, “activities beloved by youngsters in EU countries” or “European literature and music.” Lessons could be delivered by having tasks, games and/or activities.


V. Important dates

1.          Selection and training: 2016.9.28-2016.10.19

2.          Program implementation: 2016.10.24-2016.11~

3.          Award ceremony: 2016.12~


VI. Participants

1.          NSYSU students from EU countries

2.          NSYSU Taiwanese students and international students

3.          Service recipient: teachers and students of participating schools

Senior high school: first year through to third year students
Junior high school: first year students, as a priority
Elementary: fourth through to sixth year students, as a priority




VII. Registration (before 9/28)

1.          Please visit Google Form to fill in your information (Red link below). First 20 recruited students from each location (EU countries, Taiwan, international countries) will be preserved to the free training courses.

2.          Pleases send your resume/CV to [] and include paragraphs elaborating on 1) what personal strengths do you have; 2) what potential topics you'd teach to children? Any format is accepted.

3.          Please send scanned English proficiency results/certificates (e.g., TOEFL, IELTS) to [] if you have any.


VIII. Program Procedure

Registration (before 9/28 24:00)



Training courses (in groups)

Grading policy


(2 hours)

Teaching ability (40%)

1.     Methodology

2.     Classroom Management

3.     Lesson Plan

1. Attendance 15%

2. In-class performance 30%

3. Lesson plan 55%

(submit before 10/7)


(2 hours)


1. Filming pre-production

2. Filming techniques



1. Micro-teaching (60%)

Conduct and film your group micro-teaching video (in 15 minutes)

1. Micro-teaching video

(submit before 10/19)


Phase 2

The top 10 groups conduct lessons in elementary and secondary schools in Taiwan (6-8 teaching hours). Film the school teaching video and submit for the final evaluation. Be creative, innovative, and interesting! 

Final evaluation (Courses performance 20%+school teaching 50%+school teaching video 30%)

1st place: NTD 12,000

2nd place: NTD 10,500

3rd place: NTD 9,000

4th place: NTD 7,500

5th place: NTD 6,000

6th place: NTD 4,500



IX. Notes

1.          NSYSU EU Centre remains the right to make adjustments based on occasional circumstances.

2.          Each team will have subsidy under NTD 1000 to pay for expenses such as materials and/or photocopying. Please keep the invoices/receipts (NSYSU number 76211194) and send back to project coordinator Savannah at administration room 1006.


X. Contact Person

Ms. Savannah Liao
Project coordinator of NSYSU EU Centre
Office of International Affairs, National Sun Y at-sen University 

Administration room 1006
Tel: +886-7-525-2000 ext. 2244 






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